Sunday, September 30, 2012

Team Spirit Studio J Layout

I just wanted to share this Studio J layout I made of my son and my youngest daughter. I loved how the pictures came out! It's his first year playing football and my little one gets to be the team cheer leader... She gets so excited when it's game days because she gets to wear her uniform.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Studio J

 My first Studio J layout! I was surprised with how easy it was to create layouts with the digital scrapbooking program. I have a hard time when it comes to dealing with anything digital but I had a lot of fun creating a few new layouts :) Be sure to check out the Studio J website to create your layouts. It's free to create an account and upload your pictures to play around with the different layouts that are offered. You can even save them to purchase when your ready! 

CTMH Stamp of the month: Fall Favorites

I just love the CTMH stamp of the month for September, Fall Favorites.  I used it to put together a little paint bucket for a swap. I'll probably but some little goodies in them but I just loved how they turned out :) You can get this stamp of the month for $5 with a qualifying purchase of $50 or more. Click HERE for my Close To My Heart website.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back To School Fairy

This year I wanted to do something a little special my kids since this year my baby will be starting her first year of preschool! I wanted to try and start a new tradition for the Sandbeck kids :) I'm a Pinterest addict!... And I saw a pin about a "Back To School Fairy" and I just fell in love with the idea. I love the idea of getting the kids excited about starting a brand new year of school. So I put together some goodies to get the kids excited about their first day in a brand new grade.

I just love, love, love! These little school bus boxes I purchased from Paper Glitter. You can even personalize a little message on the sides of the bus. She sends you a file to download and you can print out however many you need! Very handy and very easy to put together :) Click HERE for the link to her Etsy shop.
I filled the buses with a fruit roll-up ( I covered it with scrapbook paper) , a gumball stick, a pack of Smarties, and some pencils.
I found this tag on a site that I thought would be cute if I attached them to the Smarties. You can get this printable tag for free. Click HERE to print yours.

This 3 mini vase holder I purchased about a year ago at Safeway in the floral department. It as originally white but I just painted it red and covered the handles with some ribbon. I also tied some ruler ribbon around the tops of the vases and filled them with some white shredded paper. I attached some school cutouts that I purchased from Paper Glitter on long lollipop sticks and stuck them in the vases. The cutouts on the vase holder is also from the collage sheets for Paper Glitter. Click HERE for her Etsy shop.
This is a mini clipboard I had made and I thought it would be perfect to use to hold the note I had created from the Back To School Fairy. I used my Storybook Creator to make the note. The poem on the note reads:
Today you hurry off to school
To work and learn and play.
You're in a brand new grade
This year. What a happy day!
The Back To School Fairy
I made these place mats with scrapbook paper and laminated them. I used some Starbucks coffee bottles and covered them with some coordinating scrapbook paper. The paper straws I got from Michaels.
The kids were so happy to see what the "Back To School Fairy" had done! This is my Son Jay-Tee enjoying his breakfast.
My oldest Kaleia. She says she'd like the Back To School Fairy to visit every year!
My Baby Mya! She actually doesn't start preschool till the 24th but I couldn't leave her out... So she just celebrated a little early ;)
This is another idea that I found on Pinterest. I've always taken pictures of them on their first day but I never had them take a picture with what grade they would be entering in that year. I thought it was a fantastic idea! I found these free printable grade sheets. Click HERE to get your free grade sheet!

                               Ready for a brand new year!!!