Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kids Halloween Magic Potions Lunch

I like to make the kids special lunches on holidays and birthdays, so this year I decided to use the CTMH Magic Potions stamp set to make a "Spooky" lunch for them. I used grapes for the owl eyes, a bag of sour cream and onion chips for the pickled toad, Crystal Light Juice for the commotion potion. I also added some pumpkin poop and attached a poem to the bag. For their sandwiches I used a pumpkin cookie cutter to cut out a pumpkin shape on the top bread of the sandwich. The sandwich was ham and cheese, so I just made sure the cheese was on top so that the pumpkin would be orange. The kids loved it... It was the first thing they told me about when they got home from school! The stamp set I used can be purchased HERE on my website.
For the pumpkin poop tag, I found it at Happy Home Fairy. Click the link to get your free pumpkin poop printable.
Hope you all had a great Halloween!
Love The Sandbecks