Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seahawks Noise Makers

For the Seahawks game coming up this Sunday, my little one and I thought it would be a fun idea if we made noise makers. Here's a little tutorial on how we made them.

Empty water bottle 
Printed out bottle labels 

First you'll want to make sure your water bottle is dry before you put the contents inside. 

Then fill your bottle up with beads and glitter. We filled the bottle up about a quarter of the way. Then you'll want to close your bottle with the lid.
Next cut out the labels provided and tape or glue them to the bottle. You can decorate the bottle however you'd like, using stickers or paint, but if you would like to use the labels I created I'll attach them to the end of the post. 

After you have attached the label, tie ribbon around the neck of the bottle.

And you're done! Hope you enjoyed this little project.


If you would like to print the labels, click on photo to enlarge. Then, right click and press "save photo as". Once photo is saved you can find the picture on your computer photos. Click on photo and press print. Make sure to print out the picture in full size. 


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

My daughter LOVES the boy band One Direction, so when I found out they were coming to Seattle I knew I had to get her tickets. Once I purchased the tickets I wanted to give them to her for her birthday but I didn't want to just wrap them up and give it to her. I wanted to do something fun. So... A friend of mine mentioned doing a scavenger hunt and I thought that would be a great idea!!

I looked on Pinterest for some clues I could use. I didn't really find any that I liked so I used these clues HERE and just changed some of it. 

I wrote 5 clues on blank cards and put them all in their spots. My sister took my daughter out of the house while I did all this and decorated her room. 

I handed her the first clue right when she walked through the door. It lead her all over the house ending in her bedroom where the tickets were wrapped in a box on her bed.

Here's a little video of her opening the box.

The tickets I purchased were tickets that were just emailed to me and I knew if I just gave her the printed tickets she wouldn't know what it was, so I made these tickets for her with my creative memories storybook program. All the info for the concert in them. 

Elf On The Shelf Returns!

Pictures of when Bilbo arrived. He made a special breakfast and brought them hot chocolate. The cookies are from me ;)

A letter from Bilbo to the kids. 

Found this recipe for Grinch cookies and I thought they were sooo cute! I just had to make them. They were super easy and really yummy! Here's the link for the RECIPE

Holiday Stockings

Here are pictures of the stockings I made for the family. Everyone chose their own fabric and I had a friend personalize them with each of our names. I found the tutorial on YouTube. I'll attached the video at the end of the post.

Here's the video tutorial from Crafty Gemini 

Paris Spa Party

Here's a few pictures of my daughters 12th birthday party. She wanted to have a spa and make up party with a Paris theme.

Party invitations I made with the slumber party cricut cartridge.

A picture of the appetizer table. All the platers and champaign flutes I got from Dollor Tree. And of course I substituted the champaign with sparkling cider.

Made with the word collage cricut cartridge. 

These cupcakes were soooo delicious! They're strawberry lemonade that was made from a local cupcake shop. 

A picture of the favor table. Each girl received a gift bag that they filled up with each of the goodies. 

The beauty table. Each girl had their own beauty station.

I had towels embroidered with each of the girls names that I hung behind their chairs and tied it with pink tulle.

Picture of the girls before they started their beauty makeovers. 

Started with a facial steam. 

Then a facial mask. 

Then they applied their cold beaded eye packs. I found these at the Dollor Tree as well.

We finished up with pedicures. I bought the tubs at Dollor Tree and personalized each tub with the girls names. I used vinyl and my cricut for that.