Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY Superhero Costume

Here's pictures of the superhero costume I made for my youngest daughter and my friends son. They LOVE superhero's!

I used my cricut to cut out a stencil to make the letters and shapes on the cape. I just used that and traced it onto the felt then cut it out.
Here's the video tutorial of the cape that I found on YouTube.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Football Cards

My son plays pee wee football for a local club and one of the moms had a great idea about having game day cards that parents can wear during the game that would have a picture of their player on the front and on the back it would have a game schedule and team roster. I thought that was such a great idea! Our uniforms don't have the players names on the back so having the team roster with the kids names and numbers would really come in handy! This was what the other team mom and I came up with! 

The parents LOVED them!! I used the program, Storybook from Creative Memories to put them together then I just laminated them with my My Story machine. 

Baby Shower

Pictures from my sister's baby shower. I really wanted to do so much more but it was a little last minute. My friend and I worked hard to try and get things done in time. I couldn't have done it without her! 

First Day of School

Just a few pictures of the kids first day.

Kaleia and Jay-Tee started school before Mya did so this was their picture they took together. 

Each of the kids had their own seat decorated with whatever grade they were going into. My husband and I wrote them each a little note on their grade sign that I tied to the back of their chairs. The back to school fairy left a little gift for them too. 

The grade signs you can get HERE and the printables I used are from the Lauren McKinsey grade school and middle school collection. 

          Mya on her first day of Kindergarten!!

                 Mya hanging her backpack up.

                                 My big girl!!