Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gum Ball Machine

I loved making this gum ball machine candy dish. It makes a really cute gift and it's very inexpensive to make. The glass bowl, planting pot, and water dish were all each $1 or less. The small wooden ball was a little over a dollar because it came in a pack.  I painted the pot, wooden ball, and watering plate using acrylic paint and sprayed it with a Mod Podge sealer. Once it was dry I then glued the the glass bowl on top of the upside down planting pot. I then used some ribbon and paper flowers to accent it a little. I found this idea on Pinterest and just had to try it! They turned out so cute... I also made a couple for my kids teachers for Valentine's Day this year and they loved them! So if your looking for something to make and give away as gifts this is the perfect project because it's very inexpensive... and so stinkin cute!

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