Monday, December 23, 2013

One Direction Birthday

My oldest daughter celebrated her 11th birthday and really wanted a One Direction birthday. Here are some pictures of the party decorations and some of the things the girls did.

These were filled with gum ball sticks I made and I just put them on the table. 

This was something I also put on the table. I just printed a bunch of pictures off the computer and put them on large lollipop sticks and put them in a jar with large gum balls. 

Party favor bags that I filled with a bunch of One Direction stuff I found in the Target dollar bins. 

This was her cake that a friend of mine made for her. We found the little figurines at target. They didn't have all 5 so we just got the three. 

She wanted to do a photo booth so I just used a space on the wall to set up a little "booth" . I used black plastic table cloths and just stuck a bunch of paper stars I cut out with my Cricut, all over them. You can't see it but I marked the floor with some tape and made a box for where they can stand to make sure they were in the camera's shot. I just set the camera up on a tripod and put it on timer mode so they were able to take pictures themselves. 

On the side of the "photo booth" I placed the props table. We found a bunch of really fun things at party city that were really inexpensive. I also made some talking bubble signs that I cut out using my Cricut. I just wrote different sayings on them and glued them to a wooden dowel. And of course I made some mustaches, also cut out using my Cricut. I also posted a list of some rules with using the camera and props.

I also found life size cardboard cut outs at toysrus. This was a great find. They were on clearance for $5 regular price $30. Yay!! I figured the girls could use them in the plot booth if they wanted. 

These are a few pictures from the photo booth. 


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