Sunday, November 23, 2014

Football Game Day Snack

Just wanted to share the game day snack bags I made for my son's football team. They made it to the play-offs so I wanted to make something special for them.

I made football bags out of paper lunch sacks. I wish I had dark brown bags but I didn't have time to order any. I made the laces with paper since I didn't have a large enough white marker to draw the laces. 

I found a free printable candy wrapper that I wrapped around a Fruit Roll Up. You can get the free printable HERE

I put bag toppers on a small bag of cheese puff balls. The treat bag toppers are also a free printable you can get HERE

I made penalty flags with a lollipop, yellow napkin, and ribbon. 

The other team mom made these "Thunderade" drinks to go with the snack bags. Our team name is Thunder and I love how she incorporated it into the name of the drinks :) And they're purple... Our team color. 

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