Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mummy Buckets

Last year I bought some tin buckets from Target that they had on clearance for $.50. They've been sitting for awhile so I thought I should probably do something with them. I put together these cute Halloween mummy buckets for a swap. This project was so fast and easy and they turned out so cute! I used mod podge and painted it around the bucket. I then took rolled up gauze and wrapped it around the bucket leaving an opening for the eyes. The buckets I got had a little spot where there was chalkboard paint, so I just used that part for where I would put the eyes. I used large googly eyes and hot glued them to the bucket. I then used spiders that were rings but I just cut the loop off and glued it to the bucket. I then attached some ribbon to the handle and filled it with some goodies :)

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