Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mario Birthday

This year for my son's 8th birthday he wanted a Mario party. These were the invitations we sent out. I made gamer passes on my computer and laminated them and stuck them on a Mario lanyard.

I made one of the chompy pipe plants with a 4 inch PVC tee, that I spray painted green, a wooden dowel that I also spray painted green, a large styrofoam ball that I painted red and some white cardstock.

These star lollipops are in a 3 inch PVC tee that I spray painted green. I also cut out his name and age with my cricut along with the stars.
These are Hawaiian Punch bottles. I made the labels with images from the computer.
I got some red and green buckets from Targets dollar bins and cut out the Mario & Luigi emblems using white vinyl and my cricut.

These were some of the decorations I put together. The question mark boxes are made from a 4x4 mug box that I purchased at Michales. I found the question mark and bricks at THIS blog. I just cut them out and glued them to the box. I filled the box with Mario candy and toys.

These are the Mario cupcakes I made for his class. I printed out characters and cut them out and glued them to colored cardstock. I then glued that to a lollipop stick.

This was his cake! I absolutely LOVED it!! A friend of mine made it for him.

We had his party at a skating rink. This was the table.

On special occasions and birthdays I like to make the kids special breakfasts and decorate the dinning room. This was some of the decorations. I made the mushroom guys with cardstock and I printed out the rest from the computer and printed them out.

I made these clouds and stars with cardstock and hung them above the table with fishing line. I also decorated the mirror with Mario characters.

Birthday boy eating his Funfetti pancakes & fruit. I make these pancakes for the kids birthdays and they love them... They're sooo YUMMY! For the recipe click HERE.
The kids enjoying breakfast. I made a Mario hat, Luigi hat, and a Princess Peach crown.

These are the mini mushroom cakes.


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