Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Superhero Popcorn

It was superhero week at preschool, so my daughter and I came up with these cute popcorn cups.


The supplies you'll need are:

Blue Paper Cups
Red Felt 
Superhero printable you can find HERE.
Liquid Glue 
Optional- Plastic food wrap
Optional- rubber bands 

#1. I drew a template of a cape and cut it out.

#2. Pin the cape template you just made to the piece of felt and cut around the template. 

#3. Slip the cape on to the cup and place a little glue around the cape to keep it from falling. 

#4. Print out the superhero printable and cut them out. Then glue them to the front of the cups. 

#5. Then fill the cups with popcorn and you're done!

* Since I still had to bring the snacks to school, I cut a piece of plastic food wrap to cover the popcorn and I used a rubber band to hold it down. That way they didn't spill. 


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