Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts

For Mother's Day this year I found this really cute idea off of Pinterest. The kids and I made a flower pot and we put pictures all around it. We purchased all the supplies at Michaels and Lowes.

terracotta flower pot
white acrylic paint
liquid mod podge
mod podge gloss finishing spray
sponge brushes
Planting soil
Pictures (I printed mine in black and white from Costco)

First painted the pot in white. Inside and out. Let that dry then used the liquid mod podge to glue your photos in place. Once your photos are glued on take your sponge brush and paint a coat of the mod podge on top of your photos. I did this twice. Let the first coat dry then apply the second. Once that is done and dry spray the pot with the mod podge finishing spray. Let it sit for a few hours and then tie your ribbon onto the pot. All you have to do now is transfer your flowers to the pot and your finished :) 


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