Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picture Frame chalkboard

I've been wanting to try and use the Krylon Chalkboard spray on some projects just to see how well it works. Well I did and I LOVE it!! Super easy and your projects turn out so cute! Here's a picture if the picture frame chalkboard I made. I just picked up a wood picture frame from Walmart and a can of the Krylon chalkboard spray.

Steps: Remove the glass from the frame. Be sure to wipe the glass clean. 

Place the glass on a sheet of cardboard and spray your first coat in a sweeping motion. (Be sure to do this outside)

Let that sit for a few min then go over it again with the chalkboard spray. I did this about 2-3 times until I was happy with the coat. 

Be sure to let the paint sit and dry for a full 24 hrs! I was a little impatient and started to doodle on it after 8 hours and when I wiped the chalkboard clean it left scratches. Oops! So be sure to let it sit for the full 24 hours. 

I then painted the wood frame of the picture frame in red. I just used acrylic paint and after it dried, I sprayed a coat of Mod Podge sealer on it. 

Once your 24 hours is up you put the glass in the frame and your done! I can't wait to try this spray paint on more projects. I have a few ideas already so I'll be sure to post them once I've finished :)

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