Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seahawks Noise Makers

For the Seahawks game coming up this Sunday, my little one and I thought it would be a fun idea if we made noise makers. Here's a little tutorial on how we made them.

Empty water bottle 
Printed out bottle labels 

First you'll want to make sure your water bottle is dry before you put the contents inside. 

Then fill your bottle up with beads and glitter. We filled the bottle up about a quarter of the way. Then you'll want to close your bottle with the lid.
Next cut out the labels provided and tape or glue them to the bottle. You can decorate the bottle however you'd like, using stickers or paint, but if you would like to use the labels I created I'll attach them to the end of the post. 

After you have attached the label, tie ribbon around the neck of the bottle.

And you're done! Hope you enjoyed this little project.


If you would like to print the labels, click on photo to enlarge. Then, right click and press "save photo as". Once photo is saved you can find the picture on your computer photos. Click on photo and press print. Make sure to print out the picture in full size. 


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